What happens if a system fails before the SU license is removed?


This is a purely hypothetical concern, although it could have escalated to become a problem.

I recently took delivery on a laptop to replace another unit. The old system failed before I removed the SU 2015 license. (It’s a single user license which allows installation on up to 2 computers at the same time, provided SU is not actively run on each at the same time.) I was not able to install my license on the new unit because the license was registered to 2 computers already and the old system couldn’t be powered up. I was prepared to install SU 2014 in lieu of the more recently licensed version, but I was not required to resort to that as, fortunately, I was able to boot the old system and remove the license.

If the old system had not powered up, the license would not have been removed and wouldn’t be available for use on this new laptop. What can be done under the scenario where the system fails before the SU license is removed?


I am guessing here,… the new editions are cloud licensing. So the old license ID could be invalidated, and a new one issued by Customer Support ?

If anyone was able to resurrect the old laptop (using OEM hardrive tools, etc.,) and then tried to run SketchUp Pro it should start in “Expired” mode.


AFAIK there is no change in the single license procedure. You can still activate and re-activate as before. Only the network licenses have been moved to the cloud.



@DanRathbun & @Anssi

Thanks for your responses guys. If the single use license is NOT cloud based then would a user be unable to recover from the scenario I described? Because I was almost a victim of this specific circumstance, it is possible that someone may actually experience it. A SketchUp Team Member should weigh in on this for a definitive answer.


They did, although perhaps not definitive. (Maybe keeping their options open, or they just do not want people to take advantage of a procedure if it is widely known.)

see: If you lose your network card, you lose your SketchUp license?