If you lose your network card, you lose your SketchUp license?

Apparently, if your network card goes on the fritz, and you subsequently lose that MAC address (which the SketchUp licenses are tied to), there is no way to “remove” the license tied to that address, and you are effectively out a $600 SketchUp license (yes, I know you can use each license on two computers, but that is beside the point.)

I found this out by emailing tech support that hypothetical question. They frustratingly dodged the question over several emails until finally admitting that they are unable to release licenses on their end.

I find this hard to be believe and completely unacceptable. Anybody been screwed by this?

No need to panic! If you actually encounter this problem, please contact our customer support folks directly and we’ll work it out.


Really. Our tech support is now solving hypotheticals? I’m going to have to walk over to their section of the office with a loaded nerf gun. Sheez…

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Ammo carrier at the ready …

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■■■■ right they need to answer a hypothetical if I am going to buy their software.
Are you suggesting a customer not be privy to complete licensing terms?
I wouldn’t be doing my job at my company if I didn’t have the answer to these questions, and SketchUp has to provide that.

If this is a sales question on licensing terms, we don’t answer those here. Please follow up with the people you contacted. If it’s an actual, technical question, we’ll try to help, but licensing terms == lawyers, and we don’t do that here, either.

It most certainly is a technical question. We already own 9 licenses; we don’t need to be sold anything.

Anyways, I just contacted a very helpful licensing professional at SketchUp, who was able to assuage my concerns, and he apologized for technical support giving me the run-around (they straight up lied to me).

Glad you got your questions answered to your satisfaction.

I understand that it is still so that you can use the details you have got to activate SketchUp on all your computers, but are allowed to have the application open on just one of them at a time.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore since the 2015 version.
It limits the activation to 2-4 computers (I have had inconsistent, varying results on the number of computers I can activate each license on thus far).

I’d like to clarify some posts here for anyone reading this in the future.

  1. If your network card is lost, stolen, or eaten by a large marine mammal; your SketchUp license on that machine will be lost.
  2. We are unable to remove your SketchUp license from your computer if any of the situations in #1 happen.
  3. We do however, have the power to allow you activations in case of such emergencies and evaluate them on a case by case basis.
  4. If this is being abused, there may be a charge for resetting an activation count.
  5. Each single user license is assigned to ONE user and can be installed on up to two computers. We highly recommend that you remove licenses before any of the possible situations mentioned in #1 if at all possible by following these steps found in our Knowledge Center: Authorizing or Removing a License | SketchUp Help This will free up the license for you to install on another computer.

Please remember, we are here to help and do our best. SketchUp Pro Support is not in the business of lying. We do our best to answer all questions in a timely and accurate manner to best help our user base.