What Happened to Print Options?

I haven’t printed in SU2024 in a while. What happened to all the options? For example, where are “Print Size”, “Fit to page”, “Use model extents”, and “Print Quality”? Is there some way to access those features or get them back? Instead of becoming more feature-rich, SU is becoming clunky.

These print options were removed in SketchUp 2023 due to problems with the way Windows and Mac support print drivers (or don’t). It’s always been better and easier to set things up for printing in LayOut, anyway.

Hmm. Color me less than happy. At least give the user the option to use those features many of us have relied on for years.


I expect if Windows and Apple had continued proper support, the SketchUp developers would have left the print options alone. They know it doesn’t make sense to remove features just for the hell of it. I expect if they’d left it you would be here complaining about it not working correctly. Things hadn’t been working correctly for a lot of users for a long time.

FWIW, you could have SketchUp 2022 installed and use it for printing if you really insist.

Your expectations are wrong. It’s not my goal here to complain. The features were there, they worked (for me, at least,) and now they’re not there–so they can’t work–for anyone. I’ll consider your suggestion to use SU2022.

I have all the print options, but missing the print preview, or at least the representation of the view in my model window shown on the paper size in the upper left of the print dialogue window? See attached image.

Subsequently, I guess the print preview IS correct, because when I hit “print” it actually prints a blank sheet of paper

Any thoughts @ DaveR ?

I expect it’s a printer driver issue but I can’t tell from just your screenshot. You’re still using SketchUp 2020 on OS 10.15.5?

All my other programs are printing fine, so I don’t understand how a driver may only affect SKP.

I have updated my profile now to reflect the current system and SKP vers.

What other info would help trouble shoot this issue?

It could be one of those oddities that the recent Mac OS versions seem to have. Maybe @colin would have some input. The Windows Print dialog is much more basic but it seems to work as intended.
Screenshot - 6_7_2024 , 8_39_22 AM

What do you get if you change the Print Quality setting? What if you turn off Vector Printing? What’s the quality setting that is cut off near the bottom of the dialog window?

I can’t find a release note to say that there was a fix, but I see the preview ok in 2022 and in 2024, but do get a blank preview and print from 2023.

Could you try using 2024?

Just for further information, LAYOUT prints fine and displays the print preview equally fine.

Anyway…Just when I get my SKP 23 version all set up, extensions and other settings, it’s time to do it again for SKP 2024?

Is it too much to ask for some kind of migration assistance that reduces the stress of doing so?

To be honest, that’s why I linger on older versions: I don’t want to “set up” Sketchup again every time we upgrade.

Thanks for looking into the print issue DaveR and Colin

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I’ll play around trying different print settings to see if that changes anything.

@colin the cut-off setting is just “Media and Quality” for the Xerox printer.

@DaveR - Same issue, no change based on Vector or Raster setting; also, quality setting has no effect either.

I am having exactly the same problems using having upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma 14.5 Sketchup Version 23.0.418 and a Brother MFC-J6510D printer.Preview box is blank, it prints a blank page and saves a blank page to PDF. it prints in Layout fine.

Less than happy is an understatment. I am at a loss of what to do now besides revert to my 2023 version. I almost always print directly from Sketchup and now the quality is aweful and how in the world do I print in scale? And, No it is not easier to print from Layout; that’s another leap I have to make everytime I just want to print a rendering for a client. Very upset!

I can only see printer drivers for that model for MacOs 10.15. Is it compatible with MacOS 14?