Question about the Printer Function Issue in SketchUp 2023 Pro Version


I’m experiencing a sudden issue with the print function and have a question. Previously, everything was working fine, but when I tried to print after a long time, I noticed that the ‘Print Preview’ option in the file menu had disappeared. When I click on the ‘Print’ option, it only displays a simple window like the one in the attached image. Before, there were options for setting print quality and scale, but have they been removed? Also, when I click on ‘Preview’ in that window, a small preview window does appear, but it’s insufficient. Even when I try to set up the print settings by clicking on ‘properties’, the orientation settings for landscape or portrait don’t work, and it always prints in portrait mode. If anyone knows how to resolve this, please leave a comment.

Drag the preview window to make it larger.

A lot of the print options have been removed from SketchUp. Better print options exist in LayOut and you can get better quality with it.

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Thanks for your response, Dave. However, the size of the ‘Preview’ window is not the issue I’m facing. The problem I’m experiencing is that features that were previously available are now missing. Even if I go into the advanced printer settings and change the paper size or orientation, nothing applies. I want to print in A3, but it always prints in A4, and I want to print in landscape, but it always prints in portrait.

As you mentioned, I could work with “Layout”, but that means I have to add scenes, save them, send them to Layout, then set up the size there, and only after going through all these steps might I get a decent result. However, what I want now is to print in a rough style and then draw over it by hand. If the only way to achieve the same quality of work as before is through “Layout” due to the disappearance of previous features, it seems that SketchUp is becoming a regressing program.

Those features were removed with the last update, they were causing some issues according to Colin. If you want to print to scale you can use Layout which is a lot better than printing from SketchUp or use the web version, that version still has the printing options.

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Thank you very much for your kind response. From what Dave mentioned and your explanation, it seems there is no alternative solution other than proceeding with Layout. I was reluctant to use Layout as the program itself is quite slow and laggy, but it seems I have no choice. Thank you once again.

Why don’t you just export 2d images from your model and print them. Or even screen grab and print.

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Your suggestion could indeed be a good method. However, when I export as a 2D image and then print, the quality of the printout is not very clean. Printing directly from the SketchUp program results in a much cleaner quality of the printout. Due to my preferences, I prefer printouts that look neat and clean, which is why I try to avoid exporting as 2D or printing in JPEG file format as much as possible. Thank you.

Example of the print quality after exporting as a 2D image.

Example when printed directly from the SketchUp program.

You can change the export settings to give you greater detail.

That is not related to the export quality settings.
It’s the result of numerous attempts to achieve good quality.

이미지 003

You have more options to choose from in the export than just .jpg

oh, right? Then, I would appreciate it if you could briefly explain the method to me.

Untick Use view size and set the dimensions of the desired export. If you want, adjust the Line scale multiplier.

I use .png image exports because the .png image format is lossless while there is a lot of compression in .jpgs.

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PNG is a better image format for SketchUp output because JPG is designed for photographic content. When the output has lines and flat-coloured surfaces Jpeg compression creates ugly artifacts while PNG remains clean.

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OP if you do this often it would be worth the effort to setup a SKP template keyed to a LayOut template.

I don’t draw over my models (often) but use a prebuilt template for client review - takes literally less time than typing this reply to ‘send to LayOut’, choose which template I want, and then export.

Certainly way less time and far higher quality and consistency than having to adjust pixel sizes and line weights every time I wanted to do this.