Adjusted printer settings since last update


After the last update, the printer settings have changed and it is no longer possible to print a decent high-resolution print directly from Sketchup.
It’s a bit of a shame as we are now forced to work with the Layout just to print something.
No one in our company uses Layout, simply because it has no added value for us.
Moreover, it takes more time, you have to record all kinds of views in advance that you want to print and you also save it as a Layout file, so a drawing takes up twice as much disk space.

In the meantime, I use the Sketchup viewer to print my drawings, because the settings have been retained there, but it remains a handicap that you always have to use a different program to get a simple and fast, but decent print.

Especially if you have customers at your desk, you would rather do without all that cumbersome hassle.

I hope that the decision to reduce those print settings is reconsidered because it now feels like a serious downgrade of the program.

Yours sincerely,

Danny VdH

If anyone has another solution to this problem, I would love to hear it

One workoround can be:
When yo installed the 2023 version the other old versions still should be there, unless you intetionelly removed.

You can use the SU2022 for printing, it will open the version of 2023 skp (and hopefully also the later ones).

You can download the most recent 3 versions from here:
Advise: After previous version installed, reinstall the latest version (2023) and use the Repair option to restore the file association and so…

Thank you.

The previous versions were already uninstalled, but I will follow your advice and reinstall version 2022.