SU printing problem

SU2018 causing printing of model to a maximum size of 1" at center bottom of page and no way of setting it to standard size. Have tried two printers but same result. Help please.

Let’s see the SKP file and your print settings.

Hi Dave , This morning I tried again and managed to print it ok once but then tried again and got the problem of only a small image at centre bottom.
It appears to print fairly well in Layout.
Print setting: I have tried different settings but still get same result. Have tried printing letters etc and all is OK.
Been using SU since early December and no previous problems.

MH blank 1.skp (1020 KB)

When I do a Print Preview I get this:

With these settings:
Screenshot - 1_5_2018 , 6_48_58 PM

What settings are you using in the SketchUp Print setup?

Hi Dave I hope this comes out alright.

I’ve been asking you for the Print window in SketchUp.

Hi Dave, Oops sorry about that.
Have now given you the correct print window and also result I am getting.

Untick the box for Use Model Extents. What happens then?

Did you install SketchUp correctly using Run as administrator from the installer exe file’s Context menu?

Dave, Model good except for shaded piece across page about an inch above model.
I normally use run as administrator so assume I did this time.

Not sure what this means.

You know what they say about “assume”. Make sure you installed SketchUp correctly. Find the installer EXE and reinstall SketchUp. Let it repair the installation.

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