Printing trouble (multi-page tiled at full size)

I’m trying to print a pattern for a shape that’s 14" high and 8" wide. I
go through the document setup and page setup routines (I use an Epson
printer and run Mac OS X), making sure that I’m in parallel projection
and that I’ve turned off the “fit to page” option in the page setup
menu. I set the output to 1:1. The print preview shows correctly how
many pages I need. However, only the first page prints properly; the
rest come out partially printed or blank. And the image of my shape in
the SketchUp screen distorts after being printed. Sometimes it
disappears altogether. This happens with both SU Pro 2016 and SU Pro
Any suggestions for fixing this glitch will be much appreciated.

Hi David,

Make sure you adjust the size of the drawing window to tightly fit around the model. This will make sure you get the best use of the paper.

Did that, but the problems occur anyway.

You do not have the Option of Shrink to fit Paper ? it is in printer setup settings usually ! . . I have that Option in Ubuntu in the printer setting pages . . Got lots of settings there

Hmmm… Could you send me the SKP file?

I don’t want to shrink to fit. Instead, I want the shape to print full size. That means tiled printing, which isn’t working.

You need to post model as Dave requested. However, Su free tiled printing has been terrible for years. Why it has not been fixed is, I guess shows their hopes free user will buy PRO and can then use layout printing.
How to work around this can easily be done, I posted work around number of years ago. Think is time for the Su folks to show you how. Do not think I should do for obvious reasons.

OK. Here’s the file.original shape.skp (13.6 KB)

I am now having the exact problem described here by davidheim1 and I have taken the steps he mentioned. Unfortunately, I got to the end of the thread (Nov. '16) and there was no answer.

I’m wondering if, for me, it’s something with SU Pro 2019, which I recently upgraded to from 2018. I’m using a mac and epson printer. I tried unchecking Fast Feedback as suggested by DaveR in another thread and that didn’t work. I tried printing a simple, over-sized rectangle in a new file… same result. Is this a setting or something I’m doing wrong?

While I’ve seen DaveR’s updated take on printing furniture parts (Danish Coffee Table) and several others, there’s often a comment that “it’s easier using Layout.” So I’d love to find a detailed description (with troubleshooting) of using Layout to print larger items across smaller sheets because it’s always been a little confusing to me-- though it’s worked for me in the past. Anyone know of one? Or have ideas on my issues? Thanks!

Are you mainly thinking about creating full size patterns for templates and such? Create a scene or scenes showing the part of the model you’re interested in. Make sure you set the camera to Parallel Projection for the scene. Save the SKP file and send to LO. In LayOut set the paper size as appropriate so the pattern will fit on one sheet. Set the scale for the viewport to 1:1 and position it on the page. Drag the edges of the viewport as needed so you can see the entire part. DO Not double click on the viewport. Add dimensions and other notation if you want.

Once you have the pattern laid out, export a PDF file. Open it in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Use the Poster print option for printing it across multiple sheets.

Yes, I make full-size templates via commercial printing, smaller parts directly on the local printer and sometimes with tiled print-outs (poster) via pdf.

My recent problems with blank pages etc. were frustrating and seemed related to those described by davidheim1. But, after your reply I redoubled my efforts to find a solution… then, suddenly, my adobe reader stopped opening any pdf on my mac. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling to overcome any corrupt files etc., but to no avail. I decided to “upgrade” to a different pdf reader from the apple app store and now all my problems, miraculously, seem to be solved. I hope that’s the end of it.

As a woodworker, I always find your posts and other SU efforts helpful— thank you!