What happened to free SU downloads


I am not a professional & I enjoyed sketching on SU but now nothing works anymore. I can’t connect to Warehouse etc. Is there another similar free access program? It’s useless to me without components


What do you mean “nothing”?

The 3D Warehouse works fine. Screenshot from a few minutes ago.

What version of SketchUp are you using?


according to his profile SU2015


How did u get it to work? i get the same pic but the search doesn’t show anything .it sends different messages.one says check your internet the other says to clean the cache another says updase IE…which i did.none of which helped


The warehouse & components don’t work .i used to download componrnts from the su menu.true warehouse gave me more components.now do i have to pay to get them? btw i have a hi tech office meeting table that i uploaded to components several years ago.& i srill get compliments on it.