What are these plus signs?

Maybe is it silly question, but I do not understand, what are these plus signs and how do remove them? It looks not possible to select or delete them with eraser. Must be something logical and simple :slight_smile:

Try Edit>Delete Guides.

Thank you. It worked! :blush:
How to create and why I would need these plus sign guides? :slight_smile: Just curios :slight_smile:

That’s a guide point. They can be created with the Tape Measure tool when you click and drag out from an endpoint or other inference point. You can also create guide lines with the Tape Measure tool if you click on an edge, another guideline, or an axis line. They can also be created using the yellow Protractor tool. Guides can be useful for marking out locations ins space without modifying geometry. Think of pencil or chalk line marks when marking out a project. Maybe you want a guide point to identify the location of a hole or something.

They are intended as temporary entities that get erased after they’ve served their purpose.

Thank you for the detailed answer and your time. I have just learned a new skill :blush:

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Normally, you can select them and then delete if not needed, but there is a bug on Mac that won’t let you select single guidepoints. Only deleting them all would get rid of them.

I often create them with plugins like PointTool or AddCenterPointAll, a great help in a lot of circumstances…

Or if there aren’t plugins available like in SketchUp’s web versions:

  • (create a circle or arc >) select a circle or arc > in the right click context menu use ‘Find Center’
  • or just use the ‘Tape Measure’ tool starting from an intersection (endpoints or guide+guide, etc.) > draw a guidepoint with tail or enter 0 to create a guidepoint without a tail at starting location. It can then be moved to where it is needed.
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