Guidepoints and Guidelines

I was previously able to create guidepoints using the measurement tool. I must’ve toggled something inadvertently but I can no longer create guidepoints. I can only create guidelines. Also, I have trouble erasing all of my guidelines and points when I am able to create them. Thoughts?

Guide points are created when you start the Tape Measure tool for an endpoint, intersection or another guide point. Maybe you aren’t starting from one of those?

What are you doing to try to erase them? Edit>Delete Guides should do it neatly.

DaveR, Thanks. That may be the issue. Any thoughts on the question of erasing guidepoints and lines?

You’ll have to give more detail. Share the model so we can see what guidelines/points you can’t erase.

I’ll have to dig it up. I had hoped you had a ready answer. I will come back to you on the question when I encounter it again.

It’s hard to have a ready answer with so little information to work with.


Thanks for your help today.

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You mean disappearing?
[View]>Show Guides

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