Can't make guide marks with tape-measure

I cant make guide marks with the tape measurer. when I click the start point I try and enter my value and it doesn’t make a mark. It also makes the dash lines across the whole screen instead of making a mark on the line I want. I also try and manually click my beginning and end points but it still wont make a mark or will make the mark all the way across the screen/project

Can you show a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

The Tape Measure tool is designed to place a guideline parallel to an axis, edge or another guideline that you click on. If you click on the origin and endpoint or an intersection you can drag out a guide point instead of a guideline.

Do you have Guides selected in the View menu?

one sec trying to figure out screenshot and find that folder after that lol

What folder?

What version of SketchUp are you using?

my screenshot folder lol.

sketchup pro

Simply put, the tape tool will create a guide line when pulled from an edge and a guide point when pulled from an endpoint. Guide lines are infinite and guide points have a guide tail.

Apparently there isn’t a way to force the other action other than placing a point or other object there either.

so to show that even after I get the tape measurer to not go across the whole thing I try to click or type how far I want my lil mark to appear but once I click or enter the value it just cancels out the clicked point

How about correcting your profile, then. It’s confusing.

Your screen shot shows guidelines being made by the Tape Measure tool. Expected behavior. You can turn off the creation of the guidelines by tapping Ctrl. You can erase all of them with Edit>Delete Guides.

does it make a difference if I click the blue dot or the black dot with the tape measurer? after I clicked the black dot instead of the blue one it made my mark I wanted

It looks like you aren’t starting the tool from a point it can measure from. Place a crossing guideline or a simple temporary edge off the midpoint and then use the intersection as the starting point.

The cyan mark indicates the center of an edge. The Tape Measure tool doesn’t work off that point. See my previous post.

yea I think that’s the issue. the blue dot is just information and the black is a point I cant start from.

What are you actually trying to accomplish?

I appreciate the help. so much to learn lol

im just practicing with the app for now. just gonna design like a lil animal house.