Tape measure tool sometimes draws guide and sometimes not

maybe it sounds silly, but when using tape measure tool, it sometimes draws a horizontal line, which is super handy as a helper line, but sometimes it draws a line from beginning to the end of measured line.
I tried dragging from X axis up, and I’ve got horizontal helper line. Great. Then later in the project I wanted helper lines too, but could not get tape measure to draw it.

What amy I doing wrong?

The Tape Measure tool can create guidelines and guide points. You’ll get a guideLINE if you click on an axis line, another guideline or an edge and drag out. If you click on the origin, a corner or endpoint or another guide point you’ll get a Guide Point.

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sorry guyz, I just need to re-read some guides. Got it here…at least I think I’ve got it:

  • You can toggle between MEASURE and GUIDE mode by pressing Ctrl key
  • If you click on corner, you can measure ba default
  • If you hover over edge line, you draw helper guide by default

Not quite got it, but almost there

Ctrl key on Windows. Option key on Mac.

Not quite. You create a guide POINT by dragging from an endpoint (or the origin). As above, you toggle between Measure and Guide mode using the Ctrl or Option keys. It isn’t governed by what you inference from, but by the key toggle.

You also get a guide line if you inference from a midpoint, or off a face.

If we are being exact: when the start point and end point are on the ends of any single edge you will get a measurement (no guide) by default, regardless of modifier key toggle.

I learn something new about SU every day on this forum. That I did not know. Thanks, @endlessfix.

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Me too!

That holds true for resizing the model as well. I’ve always thought you had to be in non-guide mode to do the model resizing, but then noticed that Aaron happened to be in guide mode when he showed the resize feature in this video (he does that part at around 4:50):

This behavior of defaulting to measurement on a single edge is currently the only way resizing is possible in the Web versions until the toggle key is fixed.