Tape measure tool issue

Dear all,

I have a question about tape measure prob.
actually it is not my prob…
when he started drawing it had no issue, but some time goes by, the tape measure tap doesn’t work at all.
it occurs only on his pc.
if i receive his file it has the prob also, so i copied the file in new sketchup 2018, then the tool works fine again.
his graphic cards are the latest and he is using sketchup 2018 pro.
his graphic cards are:
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050
Intel HD Graphic 630

what should i check more.

The tape measure tool has (as do most other SU tools) multiple functions which it can do. and these get implemented by toggling the ‘option’ (/‘ctrl’) key on your keyboard while the tape measure tool is active.

So, the first thing to check should be what state the tape measure tool is placed in… and that’s typically reported down on the bottom row of the SU window L/H side of the Value Control Box.

Anyhow, The tape measure tools alternative functions are to create guide lines, and guide points… and while placed in one of the guide modes, one might tend to think something is wrong if they’re only expecting to experience a measurement function.

It’s worth opening up the ‘Instructor’ Window, while your working through this, so you can see what all of the alternative functions are for all of the tools, while your getting the hang of things.

Aside from providing a basic summary of what the active tools do, you’ll also get links to SU’s Knowledge Base Articles for each tool…

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i know the function about ctrl key for tape measure tool… but it is not my question.
ctrl key is already active, but the guide line is not created at all.

i received his file from his pc, and it is also same.
if i copy the object and paste the object in new sketchup 2018, it works fine.
only the file has the prob…

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It’s hard to say without being able to test for myself.

Can you post up a copy of the original file… the one where it doesn’t work at all.

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Is display ‘Guides’ checken in the ‘View’ menu? If not, then make them visible.


could you check the file i uploaded?

the guideline is visible but unable to create.

ofiice.skp (180.9 KB)

Your file shows that Guides are not set to be shown.

When they are enabled, there are all sorts of guides.


Dear DaveR,

oh, that is his prob…
he is using guideline deletion and guideline a lot by using shortcut key.
so he is unconsciously inactive guideline function by clicking G shortcut key.
guideline deletion and showing guideline shortcut key are same as “G”
thank you so much.

So he made G his keyboard shortcut for toggling Guides visibility? (The default for G is Create Component)

He’d most likely do better to have a keyboard shortcut for Edit>Delete Guides instead of the one he has. I use E for deleting guides.

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Korean version sketchup is bit different i think.
there are a lot of G shortcut key for many function.

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It’s all Korean to me. :smiley:

In any case, tell him to use Delete Guides to actually delete them instead of just hiding them when he’s finished with them. I don’t know how anyone could work with all those guides that he has in his model.

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i just wanted to show you how many G shortcut in SU korean version.
and for those reason i recommend him to use other shortcut for guideline deletion.
thank you sooooooo much.

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How many G keys are there on a Korean keyboard? How can the same key be used for different tasks without a modifier key like Shift, Ctrl, or Alt?

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korean keyboard G is only one…
SU tab is active by using Alt + shortcut key in brackets then using the other shortcut in menu in the tab is active and inactive the function.
it is quite uncomfy, right? lol

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