Problem using tape measure

Hi my friends,

Sometimes I have a difficult time using the tape measure tool. I frequently click in the button of the tool then I click in the begiining of the line, I move the mouse in the direction I want and then I type a number (for example 1000) and press enter. Sometimes the tape measure line (dotted line) is created but sometimes not.

See this print below.


I click in the red square to start the line (it shows 2056mm in the image) and then I type 1000 and after that ENTER. Sometimes the line is not created after I press ENTER. Why? This looks like a random problem, I see that when the current measure of the tape tool is too far away from the one I am typing most of the times the line is not created (in the example above I dragged the tline to 2056 and because I typed 1000 which is too far it does not show the dotted line).

The file is below.modelo.skp (134.9 KB)

No problems here!


It depends on whether you start on an edge (or midpoint of an edge): in which case you get a guideline parallel to the original edge at the distance you move the mouse or the length you type (both of which appear in the measurement box); or at an endpoint or intersection, in which case you get a guideline along the direction of movement of the mouse, and a guide point, again at the distance you specify, as Mike shows in the GIF above.

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You are right my friend, now I got my mistake! :wink:

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