Tape measure default to no guide line


When I use the tape measure tool it defaults to creating a guide line. I have to hit CTRL to get it to NOT create a guideline. The vast majority of the time I want it to just measure and not create a guideline. Can I change something so that it defaults to not creating a guideline? Thanks!


There’s no setting for that in SketchUp but it might be possible to write a script that effectively calls the Tape Measure tool and hits Ctrl.

The topic of how the Tape Measure tool behaves came up a number of years ago and the majority of users wanted the guideline creation as the default behavior. I prefer that, too. Usually if I just want to measure something, I don’t bother with Ctrl. I just don’t click the second point and hit Esc after making the measurement.


Thanks Dave! I do the same thing - just don’t click on the second point. But I’ll look into writing a script - that’s a good idea that will let me continue in my OCD ways of getting tools to work exactly the way I want them to. :smile: