Tape measure tool is behaving unexpectedly

I went to use the tape measure to mark a point 3" from another point. Normally I click from the point, move the cursor in the direction I want to go, make sure I’m going in an orthogonal direction, and then I type in the desired distance. I’ve done this a ton of times.

The tool is behaving differently now, and I don’t know why. Instead of the distance appearing in the box at the bottom right, the length of the line I’m traveling along appears, and it can’t be changed. See screen shot.

Did I inadvertently change a setting for the tape measure tool?

Are you sure you clicked at the corner?

Another way to do this would be to place a guideline parallel to the end of the cabinet by starting from the edge.

The ‘Tape Measure’ tool is supposed to show information of the entity (or else) that you hover over. (vertex→cöordinates, edge→edge length, component→name, face→area, etc.)
Hit option key or Ctrl (Windows) to toggle creating guides.

See the information on the statusbar down left on the screen.

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Thanks - that was it.

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