Tape Measure Tool has no Measure popup

I’m using SketchUp for Web and don’t get a measurement popup. When I move the tape to near where I want a guide line and release the cursor (tape) the length box clears and I can’t edit or make an entry.

I assume you mean release the button. Don’t click and drag. Click, release move the cursor and then type the distance. Click and release is the way most tools work. And you can click a second time to set the point or drop the object being moved.

@bobsprowl, make sure ‘Guides’ are set to be visible. Drag guides from edges or other guides, not from endpoints.

That is so hard for me to do. I’ve never used a tool that way.

This has been the way Sketchup has worked since at least 2003. Probably earlier.

Where in SketckUp for Web do you change Guide Visibility?

In the Display panel.

Thanks. I used an Autodesk competitor 25 years ago. I haven’t used anything much since then.

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