Sketchup Pro 2024 - Tape Measure Tool - Appearance

Black boxes appear at each end of anything I measure using the Tape Measure tool. What do they do? How do I get rid of them?

I expect it’s a graphics issue on your end. Which graphics engine are you using? Are the graphics drivers up to date? Check with the Nvidia site. To what do you have the display scaling set on your computer?

This is what I see with the Tape Measure tool in SU2024 on my machine.

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Thanks, I must have unknowingly switched graphics engines. Switching back to the NVIDIA option fixed the problem.

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Side question. Was the red plus always on the tape measure by default? This seems new/changed. I recall it being backwards meaning I needed to hit control to bring it up in the past. Can I switch it back?
… Maybe I did something to get it this way?

it was there by default, but it was black. it’s the symbol of guide lines.

turning it off makes the tool a scale tool instead.

right. I hate it as the default for measuring. 99% of the time I simply want to measure distances - not adding guidelines. I would much prefer it backwards to how it is now. for some reason I remember the guideline part not being the default unless I pressed control to activate it.

At any rate, can it be swapped backwards?

Just don’t click a second time and you won’t get a guideline. I use it frequently for measuring but never bother to tap Ctrl to remove the plus.



Turned out it was a graphics card problem. I respecified the NVIDIA card, and the problem
was solved.


Having watched @TheOnlyAaron on his live streams, he measures in a similar way using the line tool without the second click. Unlike the measure tool, where measurement is displayed at the end of tool and in the the measurements box, with the line tool the length is shown only in the measurements box . I guess it’s a workflow/familiarity thing and just shows there is more than one way to accomplish the desired result.

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Yeah, I also use the line tool for that. If you follow the good practices of always grouping / composing, it’s not risky, even if you accidentally click again, you’ll have a line you can easily erase. or, you know, ctrl-z

I the end, I use the measuring tool only for guides and scale.

I use the measuring tool for…
Measuring :joy::rofl::thinking: