Tape measure tool information

The tape measure tool obstructs the information that it generates, most of the time, sometimes it displays it to the side. My workaround is to see it in the “dimensions box”. I thought somebody may have had the same issue, but I have not seen a post.
Not a huge deal but it would make it easier if I could see it.
Thank you.

It doesn’t do that for me - Could you post a pic to see what that looks like?

Here is a jpeg of an event.
Thanks NickyC

I can’t find a condition in which the message box is not below the cursor. To what do you have display scaling set?

Thanks for the reply
Where would I find display scaling settings ?

Control Panel>System>Display.

2560x 1440
Does that help

The display scaling appears to be set at 150%.

Try setting it to 100%. Does the message end up below the cursor?

No, still the same

I wonder what is different on your end. I cannot get the popup message to appear anywhere but below the cursor. Maybe something in your model? Can you share the file?


Tape measure file.skp (92.1 KB)

Sometimes the info box will be below the object, but it can be anywhere at 360 degrees around the object, (but always close to it.)

I have taken a photograph as the pop up has gone by the time I get a screen shot.

I’ve seen that on occasion too. But when I tried to reproduce it for reporting, it didn’t happen!

I can’t duplicate this in your file either. Maybe @colin has some comment.

Thanks for the efforts gents !