Tape Measure Tool is not showing any numbers as "tool tip", only in measure box/text field

Hi. The green “tool tip” next to the Measure Tool is not showing up anymore when I snap to a point or hover over a face etc. Now I have to look at the Measurement box in the toolbar to see lenght, area etc…

Any Ideas on what is wrong?

This issue has come up a few times associated with MAC OS Mojave. See this thread for fixes.

Thanks for the link. My tool tips had disappeared too, but Trent’s fix in the linked post restored them.

When I first updated to 2019 the tape measure tip was operative, then at some point it disappeared. I don’t remember the sequence, but it might have happened when I upgraded from 10.11 (El Capitan) to 10.12 (Sierra).

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Cool, :white_check_mark: :+1:

Problem fixed! Thanx :slight_smile:

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