Delete tape measure mark (singular) without deleting line

draw a simple line, say 10’, mark say 4’ with tape measure from one end (parallel/with/in line), can’t delete guide line without deleting line. tried eraser, selector/delete, zooming in. selecting cross, dots. every time it selects line instead. it’s like line is on top of guide line.

How about Edit>Delete guides?

that would delete all my guides. just want to delete the one.

actually, many, but one at a time as i work, and don’t need them. clean as i go…

If you are making a “tape measure mark” 4’ from one end of the line, you’re actually placing a guidepoint. The dashed tail on the guidepoint is not selectable the point should be. Drag a left to right selection box around the guidepoint to select it and not the line.

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the only way that’d work is if i drew the box around the entire guide line (guidepoint and tail). if i had a 4ft line under/with it, it’d be deleted too.

Click on the guidepoint itself. At least that works for me.

like i said, clicking on the cross doesn’t work. but thanks

Hmmm… It does for me. I’ve been testing it as i type.

I would try double clicking the surface (this will select the surface and the lines that create it), then right-click and choose Hide. That should hide the line from on top of the reference line. Then try to select and delete.

Then use Edit - Hidden - Unhide last to bring your hidden lines/surface back.

Another option would be to select both the edge and the guidepoint together. Hold Shift and deselect the edge leaving the guidepoint selected. Hit Delete.

that’d work aaron, (i’ve used cont x/cont v also, which is a bit faster) but it takes a lot of steps which would really slow things down. thought there may be a simple way of just selecting and deleting.

that would probably be the fastest way dave. can’t believe that it will always select the line by default.

As I said, i don’t have any problem selecting the guidepoint when I click on it.

so then dave, the reverse would be true for you. say you have a 4ft line and a 4ft tape measure guide directly on top. when you click on the guide point or guide line, you get the measuring tape not the line? what if you wanted to delete the line only?

Another option is to use a Points plugin - there are several.

wouldn’t even know what to look for

Check out Selection Toys from Thomthom… has the ability to filter your selections down to only reference lines or points.

Another option is to use a Points plugin instead of the Tape Measure tool to generate guide points - there are several such plugins. I use PointTool by Matt666 and got it from the Sketchucation Plugin store here:

Another, which can also generate points and/or construction lines (finite length guidelines) is the CLine tool which used to be included in the Ruby Examples folder installed with older versions of Sketchup. But it isn’t included now in the Ruby Examples plugin from the Extension Warehouse.

I might be able to find an old copy somewhere and upload it if that is of interest to you.