How to remove guide lines and pick

Hi everyone, I have a couple picks with the tape measure tool that I can’t remove in edit mode or out of edit. Is there any way to erase all picks and guide lines.

Edit/Delete Guides should do the trick. It deletes guidelines and cPoints in the current context, and nested contexts below that IIRC.

There is no Edit>Delete Guides in SketchUp Free. Instead go to Display and click on Delete Guides.


Thanks again DaveR

You might get this same issue if you created your guides while editing a group or component and you have closed the edit session.
Simply enter the group or component and delete the guides. Just my ten cents.

Pressing the Delete all guides button removes all guides even if they are inside groups or components.

I guess that’s true…but if you don’t want to delete ALL guides, then you have to select them individually and DELETE or ERASE OR use HIDE GUIDES if you just want them temporarily out of the way, then use SHOW GUIDES to bring them back.
I believe the Hide and Show are under the VIEW Menu pull down. I’m using.Pro 2020, it appears you’re using FREE so things are a bit
different there.

The original question was:

Perhaps that’s unclear but I took it to me that he wanted to get rid of all guides so I answered the question that way.

The OP is using SketchUp Free and posted in the SketchUp for Web/SketchUp Free category so I answered accordingly. If he had been using the desktop version of SketchUp I would have answered differently.

Dave. Not challenging your response, just adding to it. I’ve never used Free so I only think in “Pro”. Started with SU 2 when there was no Free, only Pro.

Hi Dave, you were right on! Worked fine.

The erase tool would not work.

Jim Wilson

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A little bit late to the game, but you can also hide or delete guides by using the Search tool, the magnifying glass icon above the left-hand tool tray.

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