Is there an "erase only guides" tool? like the eraser...but it only erases guides

Sometimes it’s hard to select a guide point without also selecting geometry. Is there an ‘erase’ tool that erases only guides?

hola buenas tardes, en el panel esta edición, ahí buscas eliminar guías y listo, espero puedas resolver

Edit > Delete Guides

This will delete them all. To delete a single guide move away from the model and drag the eraser tool with the mouse button pressed across the guide somewhere off to the side where the guide exits the model.

You can also select multiple guides and then press delete.

I have this issue sometimes with guide points also (not guides aka guide lines). Small left-to-right rectangle-selects are what works for me, often combined with zooming in a fair bit.

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Set up a keyboard shortcut for Edit>Delete Guides.

how does this work with selectively deleting guides? I’ve tried drag selecting over a bunch of adjacent geometry and then using this command, but it always deletes all the guides in the workbook

Delete Guides erases all of them whether they are selected or not. If you only want to erases specific guides you will need to select them and hit Delete. Best workflow is to get rid of guides when they’ve done their job.

Again this comes back to it being difficult to select guide points independent of geometry

Make sure you aren’t leaving loose geometry. Then a left to right selection box around them will select guidepoints and you can hit Delete.

the selection box technique doesn’t seem to work consistently

One tip on this, if the guide is contained within a group or component, using Delete Guides while in the edit context of the group won’t remove the guides outside the group.

If you do this a lot: Say, entering many guide points for spot elevations, do it in a group to begin with so you always have them separate. Then you can go about selecting the ones you want to erase, independent of the surroundings.

After the fact, if it’s really worth the trouble, you could use ThomThoms Selection Toys to select guide points so you can group them.