How to Delete Guides on my.sketchup BETA - Chromebook

How to Delete Guides on my.sketchup BETA - Chromebook- TY!!
Alt-e doesn’t work
I don’t see Edit> Delete Guides

The Eraser works.

Also r-click on the guideline for an Erase option. That seems to give a context menu option to Erase whatever tool is active.

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Cool, thank you so much for the great solution! I got the eraser to work after I remembered that I had to have the specific part of a Group in Edit mode before I could have access to the Guidelines. It would be nice to have the Delete All Guidelines button somewhere. They could hide it in the popout options for the Tape Measure, Easy!

Thank you for testing…

…most likely you hit one of the beta road bumps. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

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