Extension to Remove Guidelines

I vaguely recall (it happens in your mid-70s) having read or perhaps heard that there is an extension that can be run on a drawing to remove all guidelines one has inserted to clean things up.

Is there such a tool or am I having another senior power outage? I did a search in Extension Warehouse but didn’t see anything that I thought fit the bill.

Menu: Edit -> Delete Guides will delete all guides from the current context downward. So if you select Delete Guides at the Model level, all guides are deleted.

Thank you, Jim!

I confess to another senior power outage!

As Jim says, Edit>Delete Guides will do the trick. You may be confusing the idea of a plugin with me telling you I set a keyboard shortcut for Edit>Delete guides. I know I mentioned it in one of our sessions.

Now that you mention it … I think that is what I mis-remembered. Thanks for helping me recall.

Maybe this much attention to the subject will help me remember it.

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