Delete Guides?

Is there a “delete guides” option in Pro version?

I have a 2019 SketchUp Pro version
And there is such a possibility

In the EDIT menu drop down

Found it thanks!!!

Make a keyboard shortcut for it.

Great idea!! Except for the fact that I don’t know how.

Go to Window>Preferences>Shortcuts. Find Edit/Delete Guides and add the shortcut.
Screenshot - 3_14_2021 , 2_11_09 PM

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I agree. I use guides (likely) excessively…made a shortcut “J” as it typically is unused.
This is a real time saver.

The is also “hide guides” and “show guides” under View, I think if you want them out of the way but not deleted. Its simply a “switch” labeled GUIDES. Click on , click off,

You are entirely correct, though I don’t recommend that practice.

It is much better to keep only those guides you need for what you are currently drawing. Otherwise they accumulate and become clutter that actually makes it harder to model accurately! It is fast and easy enough to create guides that there is little time wasted in killing them and then recreating if/when needed.

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Is there a list of shortcuts somewhere?קיצורי_מקלדת
There is a list of shortcuts here


Do you mean default shortcuts pre-set in SketchUp, all the current shortcuts including the ones you have added, or perhaps all the commands that are available to set a shortcut to?

default, but will sketchup give me a list of those I added also?

I found what I was looking for here: Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts
Thanks again!

If you have the Sketchucation Extension Store tool, there’s a feature to show the shortcuts.

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Yeah, I likely create hundreds of guides in my architectural models. None last very long. As you say, they generally add up to clutter, especially when you place one in a component of which there are numerous iterations!