Removing Guide lines

Hello, trying to negotiate my first design project. I’m doing pretty well so far but I’m finding that I’ll end up with a few guide lines that I can’t erase with the eraser tool. If I select the line and hit delete it erases a portion of my project. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Sounds like the guide is in a group.
Enter the group for editing and then delete.


As Shep points out, it sounds lieke the guide is inside a group or component. You could open the object for editing, select the guide and delete it or run the Eraser over it or you could just open the Display panel and click Delete all guides and be done with it.

I, like many, have a shortcut key set to “delete guides”.

I do, too, although I guess I haven’t set one up in Shop.

Thanks Dave, where would I find these commands in Sketchup Shop?

Do you know if there’s an Unhide option?

Delete Guides is in the Display panel. Click on the eyeglass icon on the right like I showed in my animated GIF above.

You can choose to show Hidden Objects and/or Hidden Geometry. Then right click on the hidden thing and choose Unhide.

You might find it useful to click on the magnifying glass icon on the left above Select and then search for things you are curious about. you can assign your own keyboard shortcuts to some commands by adding them in the squares to the right of the item.

Screenshot - 7_12_2020 , 11_17_51 PM

Screenshot - 7_12_2020 , 11_18_19 PM

Thanks for you help Dave. Greatly appreciated.

I do not see an unhide option. I did enter this in the magnifying glass search. It did come up but it’s not highlighted so I couldn’t select. Is it possible this version doesn’t come with one?

Also, just bought this license. As I said, I’m a woodworker so don’t want to pay for options I most likely will not use. Would it be worth upgrading to Sketchup Pro?

[quote=“JohnD1115, post:8, topic:130856”]
It did come up but it’s not highlighted so I couldn’t select.[/quote]

Not highlight would imply to me that there’s nothing for it to do in the current context. If you’ve hidden something inside a group or component but that group or component is not open for editing, you won’t be able to unhide it. Turn on Hidden Objects and Hidden Geometry in the Display panel. Then select the hidden thing. If it’s a group or component, double click on it to open it for editing and then try Unhide.

You’re using SketchUp Shop as indicated in your profile, correct? My screenshots are coming from SketchUp Shop so I would have to say that’s not the reason.

It depends on what you need to do with the models you create and probably the kind of woodworking you do. I can see a load of reasons to justify SketchUp Pro for even a hobbyist woodworker. Some of that has to do with the ability to use extensions which are tools that in some cases do things you can’t do with the native tools and in some cases just speed up the work. There’s also the addition of LayOut which is the documentation side of things. If you need to create full sized patterns for templates, plans to print out, or materials to send to a client, LayOut is your go to tool and so then SketchUp Pro is in order.

I just thought of something related to the hide thing. If you think you’ve hidden something but can’t get it to show up again,and it doesn’t appear when you turn on Hidden Geometry or Hidden Objects, there are a couple of other possible reasons. One is that you assigned a tag to the object and that tag’s visibility is turned off. You should check the Tags panel for that.

The other possibility is you inadvertently hit Erase instead of Hide in the Context menu. I’ve seen others do this.

If that is what happened and the missing object is a component, it will likely still be in the In Model components. Open the Components panel, click on the house icon and you should find the component there. You can then select it and bring in a new instance to replace the deleted on. If the object is a group or ungrouped geometry it will be gone. (This is one of many reasons I prefer components to groups.)

You could probably go back to an earlier version of the model in Trimble Connect however you would lose any work you’ve done since that earlier version was created.

Thank you Dave! You’ve been great.

Would you know how I can upgrade to Pro? I just paid for the Shop version.

You’re quite welcome.

To upgrade to Pro, I I think if you could probably upgrade to the Pro subscription pretty easily by going to and clicking on Subscribe under the SketchUp Pro. The process should recognize that you are already a Shop subscriber and make the correct charge but if it doesn’t look like it is doing that, contact Sales here: and they will help you.

Good luck.

The first link didn’t work. It added the full price to the cost.

I did try the second link and left an e-mail. I’ll wait to hear. Thanks.

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