So I've done a thing :) - With Guides

Hi all, realise is the second post in a couple of days, apologies.

Using my keyboard for two different computers, I didnt notice that I was typing loads of keys into sketchup rather than an email :frowning: net result is that I’ve got guides on everything in model…

Googled it and checked existing posts for removing guides, but I cant find anywhere they are switched on, expecting that it’s in a nested group somewhere and poor practise has bitten me when creating.

Is there a way I can turn ‘all’ guides off, meaning all, everywhere? Or at least a suggestion for where I can dig / how, to see where they got turned on?

I’ve also turned auto save off as that would have been easy reversion.

You can hide guides or delete guides in the Display panel. (eye glasses icon on the right side) If you don’t need the guides, delete them. Don’t just hide them.

BTW, I moved your post to the SketchUp Free category since that’s the version your profile says you are using.

And no need to apologize for your second post. :wink:

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Thanks Dave…

Yes I’ve tried that but no joy, the button is toggled off already, no matter what I click. I also reloaded sketchup to see if the interface had a bug but no :frowning:

What browser are you using?

What happens if you select the guides? Can you then delete them with the Delete key? If not, close the browser and restart it.

I’d also turn Autosave back on.

Reasonable question, but when I set it up I downloaded the sketchup for web app, so it’s installed on my PC, I’ve got chrome and Edge loaded but dont know what’s behind the app?

tried delete key, no joy

No. That’s not correct. The free web app runs in an internet browser. It is not installed on your computer. Which browser do you have open when you are using SketchUp?

Could it be that instead of guides, you have Back Edges turned on? Tap K. do they go away? Here I have Back Edges turned on.

Download the SketchUp model to your computer and share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.


Back edges…

Dave, legend… Thanks - I’ve now setup a sperate keyboard :smiley:

Thanks for your help - just one key !