Edit -> delete guides equivalent in SketchUp free

Hi - in Sketchup make there are a bunch of useful tools from the edit menu, such as delete guides for deleting all guides in your model.

I know you can delete them separately and you can show and hide guides, but is there the same delete all functionality in the free browser versions (which by the way I am loving).



I would also like this information… sometimes you just need to clear all the marks everywhere!

I believe the delete all guides option is omitted from sketchup free.

The fastest workaround path I can think of for this would be:

Save model…just in case, then,

Hide guides, via provided visibility menu
Select all
Cut (via right click)
Unhide guides
Select all
Paste in place (via right click)

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Personally I still wouldn’t feel safe after manually saving the model. I suspect SketchUp Free’s autosaves overwrites the current save file, meaning you risk losing the data anyway if you do something wrong.

This is one of the main reasons I really don’t like web apps that saves into the cloud; basic UX concepts are re-invented from scratch and as a user you just don’t have control. In a desktop environment you’d never overwrite your working file unless you actively save yourself.

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Previous versions of a model aren’t overwritten with saves. Instead, all versions are saved as “revisions”. If you want to revert to a previously saved state, you can do so from the Trimble Connect web interface. We haven’t implemented a revision history interface inside SketchUp Free yet.

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