Mystery Marker

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I have this marker that I can’t select, delete, move, etc. To capture it, I deleted everything in my model and then put this 2" x 2" x 2" faceless cube around it and have drawn a line from the origin to the cube. It is almost at the intersection of the lines from the vertices. If you zoom in on this intersection, and continue to do so, you will see it.

Can anyone explain what it is? I have no idea how I created it, though I suspect I did it when I was creating a guide point.


It’s a guide point, Go Edit/Delete Guides, or View/Untick Guides.

Thanks, Box.

I am a novice with sketchup and I am using the free web version. I cannot find “Go Edit” much less “Delete Guides” nor “View”.

When I delete something,
1)I use the select feature “select” the entity, either by clicking on it or putting a bounding box around it, and then press the delete key on my keyboard
, or
2) use the erasure feature, and click on the entity
, or
3) use the erasure feature, click and hold and then swipe over the entity.

Sometimes the perspective is important, so I will adjust my perspective, rotating, moving, and/or zooming, to be more effective.

Alas, none of these techniques work.

Were you able to delete the point in your version?

And again, I am a novice and unaware of all of the features in the free web version. Are these features of which you write available in the version I am using?

Thanks for your help and patience.

Sorry, I should have noticed you were using the web version.
On the right side of the workspace there is an Icon of a pair of glasses, click that and you’ll see the option to turn on and off Guides, or delete them completely.
That stray guidepoint is an oddity, but they do happen from time to time.

Thanks, Box. Actually, double thanks! I was able to remove the guide point (though I removed all the other ones I wanted.) And I learned about the eyeglasses icon.

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