Guide points won't erase

Good morning,
I have drawn a small component and made it a group (and also a component).

When I highlight it (click until its surrounded by the blue cube) in the original drawing it is just the group that is selected - nothing else, but when I import it into another drawing I get ‘the person on the origin point’ and, in this case, a guide point. Yes, the guide point is present in the original drawing but is not part of the group.

I have tried to erase this guide point in both the original drawing and, also, in the imported view. The person on the imported view will erase when I put it in edit mode but the guide point won’t.

I am attaching a PDF with a couple of screen shots to help explain - I hope.

As an aside, to get back to the origin - I put the view menu up - I have put a few notes on the PDFguideline issue.pdf (267.6 KB) . This may be of help to others.


Edit > Delete Guides

I use guidelines a lot. I even have a shortcut for the menu item @mihai.s highlights. But you still have to be careful about context. If you have guidelines inside a Group/Component and guidelines outside it, the command works differently depending on whether you are inside or outside the group. Inside the group, only the construction lines within it will be deleted. Outside the group, all lines will be deleted whether inside or outside the group.

Guide points work the same as lines.

thanks for the reply - deleting the guideline from the view doesn’t change the fact that it still seems to be there.
When I put the component in edit view the dotted box still takes in the area where the guide point was.
Thanks for your reply - I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

I appreciate your answer and will look again.


Even if I put the Guides points in a Group and lock it (inside of another Group), if I use Edit > Delete Guides, all the points in the model will be deleted

guideline… ?!