Cleaning up the drawing to print!


Hi all,

I have a problem again, I have designed my piece of furniture and have it in the layout bit. But i have quite a few odd lines and marks on the drawing! In sketchup i can’t erase them at all! I have attached a screenshot of the marks.

Close Up.pdf (493.7 KB)

Any ideas?

Please help.



The dimensions and construction points are in groups or components? If so, you should edit the Group/component and will be able to delete the unwanted parts.


How do i edit the components?


Your image shows some guide points (little crosses) with “tails”, that is, dotted lines back to the reference point they were created from. The tails are not real geometry and can not be selected or deleted by themselves. They will go away if you delete their associated guide points. You can delete all guides from the model via Edit->Delete Guides.

To answer your other question, you edit a component either by double-clicking it or by right-clicking and choosing “Edit Component”.


Thank you it worked great simple when you know how :slight_smile:

On to a different matter how do i get different views of my design on layout to print?


The best way to work this is to create scenes in SketchUp for the different views you want in your LO project. Then create the appropriate viewports in LO.