Deleting Tape Measure 'marks'



This may sound a stupid question, but after using the Tape Measure tool to mark out distances, I can delete the dotted line that the tape measure tool leaves, but I cannot seem to delete the cross hair (+) mark.

Any ideas how to get rid of them?

Thanks a lot


Actually, I’ve just realised there is still a tape measure line along the edge of a rectangle shape I’ve made.

But, I still can’t delete it as it deletes the whole side of the shape.

How do I highlight just the tape measure line to enable me to delete it?



You could try Edit>Delete Guides.
You could also assign a shortcut if you use guides frequently. Something like shift+g.



If you use Edit>Delete Guides then all guide lines and points will go.
If it appears that some ‘points’ are left behind I suspect that it might be a Style issue and ‘EndPoints’ are switched on ?
These can look like points…


Hi Guys,

Thank you for the replies.

Edit>Delete Guides works for exactly what I was wanting.

Thanks :smile:


It’s worth pointing out that you can also turn guides on and off in the view menu If you don’t want to fully delete them.


@chrisdicko - You also may or may not know that tapping the CTRL key while using the Tape tool toggles whether or not the tool leaves a guide. If the little + shows up near the cursor, you will put a guide in the model. Press the CTRL key and that little plus disappears, and the Tape will show the distance in the message box, but won’t leave anything in the model.



Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for that tip Duke, I never realised that!

Cheers :smile:


If you delete one guideline and other parts of the model are getting deleted too, the line is probably inside a group/component and you have to edit it to delete only the guideline.