How to keep cross hair while deleting dotted lines?

Hello everyone, i was doing a project where i want to keep the cross hairs while removing the dotted lines in guide lines i make using the tape measure tool. if i try to erase the lines the crosses get deleted too. pls help.

I’m assuming you mean the “tail” leading from a Guide Point back to the vertex it refers to, as in the attached image? If so, no it is part of the GP and can’t be separately deleted.

oh, then is there any way to make guide “points”. as you can see in the below image i just want the crosses and dont want the tails.


If you just want the guidepoints, select an arc, rightclick and choose Find Center.
This will give you a guidepoint without a tail. You can move it around and copy/past it.


thanks that worked

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SketchUp’s missing Guide Point tool…

AddVertex+ — SketchUp plugin by TIG