Guide point from guide line intersection. Sometimes tail, sometimes no tail


I was working on a project where I was creating guide points (no tail) by first creating a linear guideline, then adding a guide point from the intersection of the guideline and another line. I’d then erase the guideline, and I’d be left with just the guide point.

However, I’m noticing that now it seems to be random. Sometimes I get a tail on the guide point, sometimes I don’t. I thought it had to do with whether I had first hovered over the guideline before snapping to the intersection, because I noticed sometimes the intersection indicator would be red, other times purple, but I can’t quite find a consistent behavior.

Anyone have this figured out? What’s the magic sequence to get consistent results? It’s weird because I just did a written tutorial, and literally every single guide point had no tail. But now that I’m recording a video tutorial, I’m getting a mix of tails and no tails and it’s driving me nuts, lol.


It’s how you’re holding your tongue. :smiley:


On my Mac so far I am only able to produce the case where deleting the guide line also deletes the tail of the guide point. I wonder if it could be an issue specific to your graphics adapter (which isn’t listed in your forum profile)?


hint taken :+1:

btw, it’s a ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition Graphics Cards (GTX1070-8G)


Haha, nice Dave. Yeah, that seems to be the case. I feel like it has to do with whether SketchUp “sees” the guideline “on top” of the edge, vs the edge “on top” of the guideline. (Of course they both exist on the same plane) Because, from what I understand, a guidepoint will not produce a tail if it is planted along the edge from which it’s anchor point originated from.

So sometimes it thinks the guidepoint originated from the edge (draws tail), but other times it thinks it originated from the guide line (no tail).


After poking around at this some more I am coming to think it is a bug. I finally managed to reproduce the inconsistent behavior. Probing via the Ruby Console I notice that when a guide point added via the GUI has a tail, there is no finite guide line corresponding to the tail in the model’s entities. In contrast, adding the finite guide line is the only way to get a tail using the Ruby API. It seems that sometimes when this finite guide line overlays an infinite one the engine decides they are the same and deletes both. Since one can’t access the tail associated with a GUI-created guide point via the Ruby API, I have no clue what subtle aspect may trigger the bug.


There is also a (known) bug that produces ‘unselectable guidepoint’ on mac…


If you just want a guidepoint, create a circle and choos ‘find center’ from the context menu.


I guess I’ll just mention in the tutorial that results may vary. You might get a tail, you might not. Oh well


I can produce this when setting the Anti Aliasing to a lower value, so it might indeed be graphic related.


You can also get a plugin to create a standalone guide point. There are several in Sketchucation Plugin Store.

I find the one by Matt666 quick and easy.