Guide lines 2020

Hi. I got into the habit of using guide-lines In Sketchup 2016 to set out walls etc., snapping to guide-line junctions when I drew over the guides.

I’ve tried the same with SU 2020 and can’t snap t the junctions in the same way.

I think the issue you are seeing is due to the angled guide actually being only a guide point with a tail, if it was an infinite guide like the others you would get the junction inference.

Thanks Box.

Perfect answer.

I might add that those of us who were brought up with guidelines (even going back to pencil lines on a drawing board!), find it hard to kick the habit, even though the inferencing in SU makes it pretty much unnecessary.

Expanding on @Box’s answer: if you you activate the Tape Measure tool then click and drag from a vertex, you set a guide point with a “tail” back to that vertex. The tail is only a graphic reminder of what the guide point was derived from. The tail doesn’t act like a guide line created by clicking and drag from an edge or axis. It won’t generate inference snaps like a full guide line.

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