Guidelines - Can I use them to start a draw?


Hi everybody.

I have this guides


And I want to draw an arc, something like this.


But it seems I cannot start to draw from the guideline, I mean it doesn’t snap to it, so this is the result.


This is my intention.


Maybe there is a better and faster way to do that, so all recommendations are welcome.

I forgot to attach the file if someone needs.

example.skp (1.2 MB)

Thank you.


That’s not a guideline (infinite), its a guide point with a tail, you can’t snap to tails.

Get the tape measure tool and use the red/ blue axis to start the guides, then you should get infinite guides not guide points. You can use the intersection of these.


I tried to draw infinity lines but I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t able to.
I think it needs an edge, red/blue axis seems to work like that, so … thank you very much ;).


Yes you need “on edge” inference with the tool to create an infinite guide. (you could use any edge btw)

If you use the tape measure tool from a point, then you create a guide point with a tail.


The guide points are “snapable” so just draw the guide line then keyin the offset distance you want.


Thank you both :wink:


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