Guide points are not recognized by the cursor

I have just started using Sketchup 2022 after years of using the older versions and encountered this problem:
I draw a line 100 cm long for instance. Then create a guide point 30 cm from the beginning of the line. Then I want to create another one 30 cm from the first guide point on the line. Usually the cursor would recognize the guide point, I would click on it and continue measuring from there for another guide point. Now nothing is happening and I also cant start drawing a line starting from the guide point. Is there anything new in this version I should know to solve my problem? I can’t figure it out.

Starting from a guide- point should work. Starting from the tails of guidepoints doesn’t work.
There is no inferencing to the tail of a guidepoint itself.
Could you share the file that you are working with.

Now I figured that if I copy that file into a new one, it works. The existing file is made in the older SU version and I opened it in 2022. Still it means that all the older version files will not be functioning properly in 2022.
Could you explain what the tails of guide points are?

To create a guide point, you click on an endpoint or midpoint, move the cursor to where you want the guide, then click again. The “tail” is the line that goes between the guide and the start point. As noted, it is not selectable and won’t produce inferences.

@anomis, in short: the tail is the dashed line running from where you started (first click) to where you ended, creating the actual guide- point.