Guidelines don't intersect to allow circle to be drawn

Hi there

I’m aware that guidelines intersect when they cross, but in the example shown in the video/attached .skp, this isn’t the case. I assume it is related to the method that I’ve used to get the guideline in the right location on the rear of the display shown, but I don’t know why this doesn’t work. It should be on the same plane, as I used arrow keys and snapped to the rear flat part of the display in order to ensure the guideline is precisely on the plane. Also, the coordinates are 0.00 on the green axis for both guidelines, shouldn’t they therefore intersect?

My aim is always to understand why something has happened, all help appreciated.



No intersect.skp (230.4 KB)

Oddly, I can’t even select the two horizontal guidelines, but I can select the others. I assume this is related to my issue.

Thank you. Paul

The ones with the guide point at the ends are the tails of the guide points, not actually guides.
Infinite guides will intersect.

Thanks Box, much appreciated.

Do you know why I can’t select the two horizontal guide points to delete them? But I can select the others.

Thank you. Paul

Select the guide point itself, not the tail.

Thank you Box.