Draw a line to the intersection of guide lines?

Is it possible to draw a line to the intersection of two guide lines?
I tried but it doesn’t snap to the intersection.
If not, is there a workaround?
(Sketchup 8)

They should snap, it should show a small cross when you are at the intersection. If not, check that there really is an intersection. In 3d space it can look like they touch but can be separate.

Well, I tried it again, using a simple box. The line does appear to snap at the intersection but displays a small red box, which worries me:

The vertical guides were drawn along the vertical (blue) axis and the horizontal guide drawn from the red line, again along the vertical axis. .

Oh, I did double check that the guides are in the same plane:

Thanks for your help in this, btw!

Can you attach that model so I can look at it. Because even in SU8 I get a cross and the word intersection.

Good idea. How do I go about attaching a file?

The same way I believe you attached the images. Use the upload button at the top of the reply box. 7th icon from the left.

Very cool, thanks.

Box2.skp (13.0 KB)

It seems to me it is because you are using guides to a point.
If I use edge guide they create the intersection.
I don’t use guide very often so I can’t give you a full explanation.

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Box is right. Guide points have only one snap location: the black point itself. The dashed line to it has no other meaning than the direction to the enddpoint where it was created from.
Only guides and by ruby script created (limited in length) construction lines can be snapped to over the full length.


Thanks Wo3Dan, good to know. I’m happy with inferencing so have never looked at the ins and outs of guides.

OK. Thanks to you both for the clarification.