Having Trouble Drawing Rectangle on Guides

I’m doing a basic diagram on a flat surface. What I normally do is measure with guides and then draw a rectangle aligned with the guides. What usually happens when I mouse over the intersection of two guides, it will say “intersection” or “endpoint” and let me draw the triangle as though it were snapped.

Suddenly, today in the middle of a project, it stopped doing that. Now, it says “on line” and won’t draw it properly. Or, it will draw something and say “constrained line at intersect point.” Sorry the tool tip is so small. Technology hates me.

How did this happen? I checked other files and even created a new one, and I get the same result. I would imagine I’ve clicked on something that made the change. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Can you share the .skp file?

The fact that it is happening in other files including a new blank one is strange. There aren’t many drawing settings that carry over via SketchUp itself. As DaveR wrote, can you share an example .skp that has this issue?

Are you sure both guides share the same plane?
In other words: do they intersect?

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That’s a good question! Especially in parallel projection, it can be hard to be confident that the guides actually intersect. If you activate the line tool and hover over the apparent intersection but get no inference engine snap, I’d suspect they are not coplanar. Orbit around a bit in 3D and see whether they actually meet.

Failing that, I’d try a reboot and restart.

Thanks so much, guys. It may have been that they were on different planes. I restarted and did some deleting and moving things around, and now it works fine.

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