Draw a line to the intersection of two guide lines - again

Hi, I read the thread for this discussion but the pictures weren’t there and I couldn’t follow the meaning, so decided to ask again.

I drew some guide lines on the front face of an extruded rectangular block. The guide lines were parallel from the edges.

I then tried to use the crossover of the guide lines as the centre point of some circles.

Now, mostly the circle just snapped to the crossover of these two lines but sometimes not.

I pressed on and then tried to push/pull the new drawn shape - but it didn’t work. The initial block moved but the sketch remained where it was, as if it wasn’t part of the block.

Now, from doing the fundamentals tutorials I remember that this is possibly something to do with the drawing not being on the same level - would that be correct? Wrong geometry?

As I used the measuring tool to create the guide lines from the edges of the shape I can’t see why this happened, is there a way to ensure that the guide lines are on the same face?

I am sure this is probably something very simple.



To create a guide from an edge on a face is rather easy. So is creating two guides intersecting somewhere on the face.

To ensure that guides outside the perimeter of a face stay (thus will be created) in plane of the face, hover over the face first with the guide cursor. When you see it is obviously on face, only then hold down [Shift] and drag the cursor to any location outside the perimeter. The guide will constrain on plane.
Repeat for the second guide to create the intersection outside the face perimeter but still on plane.

Is this what you were doing?

Essentially, yes it is. I am attaching, I hope a screen shot or two in word, I hope it attaches.

You will see that I used four guide lines and then put the circles on. I then deleted all the guides etc and push pulled the background.

Yes, there are probably other, perhaps easier, ways to do this but I want to do it this way.

I did this this a few times to get it to work - I was watching carefully to ensure the circle ‘snapped’ to the crossing of the guides.

I am finding it difficult to replicate the error though! Oh well.

Thanks for your reply.

I would be very interested in your opinions.

guidelines screen shots.pdf (243.4 KB)

Thank you for your replies - I think I may have found the solution.
I drew the vertical rectangle very close to the red / blue axes, so when I used the Tape Measure tool, it snapped to the red axis and not the bottom edge of the rectangle. This meant the guideline was not on the surface of the rectangle.
The circle tool appears to snap to either guide line but not the cross between the two guide lines.
When I redo the guideline, being careful to select the bottom edge of the rectangle, the circle snaps to the meeting point of the two guides.
I am attaching a PDF - not sure guidelines problem.pdf (295.0 KB) if this will help explain.

Thank you again.


It explains very well what could have gone wrong.
But re-read my first post again. First constrain the guide cursor to the rectangular face by holding down [Shift]. Only then actually draw the guide. It will be in plane of the face, not the plane where the red axis is. Thus creating a true intersection of guides, not something that looks like an intersection.

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