Guide tool working where there are lines but not intersections

Hi there,

I’m following along with the introductory sketchup video number 4 and I’ve made the table as described. I’m at the point of making drawers. I am trying to lay down a guideline from where the side of the table intersects with the leg. There doesn’t seem to be a problem doing this in the video, but on mine I can only get the ruler to drop guides if it starts at a defined line, where the corner of the table side and leg forms a clear demarcation line for the ruler to snap to, it isn’t a drawn line per say.

using “control” doesn’t change anything- I can make a guideline anywhere on the piece that has a drawn line, but not in this corner.

I’ve taken screenshots (sorry they don’t show the ruler tool but it’s last position. To show how the guidelines automatically appear if the ruler begins at a line but not at the intersection of two faces.

Thanks for your help. I’d rather not have to draw a line in to make this work as they don’t need to in the video.

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The Tape Measure Tool needs to start at an edge or vertex. In your images, there is no visible edge where the apron meets the leg. That suggests to me that the apron doesn’t actually end at the surface of the leg, but penetrates inside. It is possible for a SketchUp surface to pass through another surface without intersecting it and creating an edge. Try turning on x-ray view to see whether that is what you’ve got going on.

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