What am I doing wrong? Selecting then adding material problem


Vaso Bella 2.skp (137.6 KB)

Hi All,

I am bumbling my way through creating a file and I am doing something wrong, just not sure what it is. I am happy with my design and thought I would add a material over it, just for a bit of realism. It looks like a simple process and I have done it once on one part of the model but when I go to select another part to put the material on, it wont do it. I suspect I am only one mouse click away from getting right but I am not sure why it worked on one face but not another.

Would some kind soul enlighten me please?




Simple answer, you need faces to put the material on.


In order to apply a material, there has to be a face for the material to land on. You don’t have any faces.

Edit the components and trace an edge segment with the Line tool to get the faces to fill in.

Then while you have the component open for editing, you can apply the material.


Edges can have material/colors, you need to set the color to ‘By Material’ in the edge-settings of the Style:


Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for this info, it’s very helpful. I had no idea you could do that!

It’s a slow process but I am learning and the forum is a great resource if one gets a bit lost.

Thanks again,



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