I can't fill a face with a Material (despite the faces being closed)

For some reason I am unable to Select different faces to apply or fill with different Materials. It is a garden design working plan, and I am needing to fill a pathway with a tiled Material, and a decked area with a Decking Material. Nothing happens when I click on the Face first, I cannot Select the face (and yes they are all closed). I am in Perspective viewing mode but no changes either.

I have only just discovered and downloaded SketchUp and know not a lot about it so any help is greatly appreciated so I can continue with my gardening course and finish this assignment!

Basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com

Best guess without seeing the model file is that there is no face present so nothing to select…
Share your file if you want a better answer and take @mihai.s advice…

Share your file to check what’s the problem, I’m sure that it’s something easy to solve.

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Thankyou, sorry could you please explain how I do this? (Share the file?)

There will most likely be a lot of things I’ve done wrong with layers and things as I don’t know quite how it all works yet and how to do it properly

check your styles are not on HIDDEN style

model.skp (379.2 KB)

Not sure if I’ve shared the file properly; hopefully this works.

Lots of holes in it. You’d need to fill those areas before they can have materials applied. The other areas are painted but you have the face style set to Monochrome so the materials won’t show.

Go to the Styles panel and select the In Model style. It’ll go back to showing you the colors.

Note the blue faces in the first image are back faces. They should be reversed to show white faces up. This should be done before you start applying materials.

I fixed some incorrect tag usage in the file.Here it is. You can fix the reversed faces.
model with color.skp (446.5 KB)

I’m in way over my head. How do you view all those shadows? I deleted all those 3d plant pictures that you can see shadows of, not sure why they’re still there? When you say ‘holes’ are you referring to the way the plant graphics overhang onto the path?

Thankyou so much for looking into this for me

Sorry. I just set that up to show the holes more clearly. I moved your model up above the ground plane, adjusted the style so the ground color is on, and turned on Shadows with From Edges also enabled.

The only 3D thing I see in your model is at the back which I take to be a birdbath or a fountain. Every thing else is 2D.

No. The holes are places where there are no faces. The path, the beds themselves, the patio, …