Unable to select material for fill


I’m a long time users of Google Sketchup for Mac. I’m running OS X 10.10.2

After downloading and setting up Sketchup 2015, I tried to use the fill tool and select a material in the window. The first time I did so, it allowed me to choose the material (a wood grain), but wouldn’t fill the selected object. I tried to go back and could no longer select ANY material. The fill tool works fine when I select a color. I have the faces texture turned on in the menu.

I’ve since tried to open earlier versions of Sketchup and they no longer work as expected (even on older drawings with materials in the drawing). I’ve deleted the current application and the older versions and gone into the /Library/Applications Support folder and ~/Library/Applications folder and cleared out all references to Sketchup and Google Sketchup. After reinstalling just 2015, the problem persists.

I don’t have any extensions nor plugins installed. Just the base application.



In your ‘Apple’ ColorPicker do you have any extensions installed?
there are ‘Color Pickers’ folders in each Library…
In the past there were ‘some’ of these extensions that played havoc in SU…
they show up in the dialog…



Nothing there. Fresh, clean install direct from the latest download.


Hello @amadeaus01 Please see my screen shot below, as I tried to replicate your problem and could not.

I selected a wood grain, like you did and was able to fill the face using the paint bucket tool. I also saved the wood texture as a favorite swatch by clicking on the texture and dragging it over one of those squares. It could be that your object is not a face?

Does this help at all? Perhaps you can send me a video or screen shot of your issue, or maybe even your SketchUp file?



I found that the drag and drop method worked per your suggestion. Thanks!

However, as a work around it’s going to be clunky. It also doesn’t explain the direct click method used to work in the older versions, worked briefly in this new version (in so far as at least being able to click to select the material/ texture), then broke all versions I had installed at the time. This indicates to me there’s a configuration file somewhere that I’ve missed that is corrupted somehow.
Come to think of it, when I get a minute, I’m going to check my user directory for a hidden file as how else would Sketchup know about recent files?


For those following at home:
I’ve found the issue.
One thing I failed to mention in the original post since I thought it had ZERO bearing on the problem, is that I’m running Synergy between two Macs to share keyboard and mouse between them. My Macbook Pro, where Sketchup is installed, has never had a problem with using the other Mac’s (mini) mouse for Any other application (and still doesn’t). For some reason, there’s a difference in the mouse click using Synergy vs. the mouse click on the built-in trackpad.

This phenomenon only occurs in this one place in Sketchup as I mentioned that I’m fully able to select color fills from the other tabs. This only happens with materials/textures, even with new “collections” that I create within the materials list.

I’m still unsure as to why it happens with my older versions of Sketchup as well unless there was a change in the last security release for OS X that affects the mouse driver(s).

Thank you for your suggestions. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sketching.


It’s not hidden, they appear in the plist file…
manually deleting the plist DOESN’T work since ‘Mavericks’ as they are auto re-generated by ‘Apple’ [not SU]…
this article has some background…
[mainly the intro…][1]
[1]: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20130908042828630
there are ways to do it, but not easily…