What actions can stop the Edit Component process?

I am a new user. When I am in the Edit Component activity, I am often uncertain when the editing process actually stops. Any advice? Thanks. Pat.

LeftMouse click outside the component’s bounding box (dotted lines)
RightMouse click outside the component’s bounding box > select ‘Close Component’ in the context menu
hit [Esc]

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That really helps. Thanks a lot.

You can look for the dotted bounding box around the component to know if you are inside it or not. You can also hide what’s outside of it completely by going to View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model to easier see if you are within a component or not. Even when displayed, the rest of the model should be faded out a bit to communicate you are inside a component, but this fading has been made more subtle in the default template a few versions ago. You can go to Windows > Model Info > Components to adjust this fading if you want to, but it will only affect the active model.

Very helpful… Thanks.