Sketchup 2022: Close Component edit requires double click when scaled up

Noticed this behavior when using the “Dave Method” in Sketchup 2022. Create a copy of a component, scale the copy up by 100 or 1000, edit the component. In the 2021, to close the component edit, I would use the select tool with a single click outside the component. Now to close the scaled up component I need to double click.

With smaller scaling, like x5 or x10, moving the select tool farther away from the component allows a single click to work but anything near the component requires the double click to close the edit. At lower scaling factor like 3x, this is easy to observe. Hover the select tool near the component and a single click doesn’t close it for editing, a double click is required. Move away and a single click closes the edit. At higher scaling, only double click will close the edit.

Right context click->"Close component’ works for any scale.

I am testing with a cube 10" x 10" x 10" and scaling as noted above.

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I have seen something similar not just with scaled up components. It’s happened to me a couple of times but I haven’t been able to pin down exactly when and I’ve been too busy to stop and experiment. Right clicking and selecting Close Component or pressing Esc works. My plan is to finish the big project I’m working on and then see if I can identify the problem and report it. I guess you’ve done it, though.

I’ve been seeing it too but thought it was my tablet playing up.

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Isn’t it like this?:

  • Click outside the bounds >> quits
  • Double click inside bounds, but “outside” geometry >> quits


In all test cases I described, I am clicking outside the bounds. Try a scaled up copy to see it better.

No. Even clicking outside the bounds doesn’t always close the component.

I don’t have the cursor highlight but you can see I am taping with my stylus and it doesn’t work until I double Tap.
Double click

Yea. I see too.

Yes. A GIF is worth a thousand words. You show the exact behavior I described.
Since your scale factor is low, if you zoom out and place the cursor away from the component you may find a single click will work. Closer in only double click works.

I have seen it on ocassion with unscaled components, too.

Yes, between 3 and 4 times the box size away it goes back to single click.

Just tested in SU2017Make and SU2021 and these does not behave like 2022. One click outside of bounds exist even 1000x scale.
It is a “feature” or “bug” in 2022. :innocent:


Thanks to everyone for responding and confirming behavior. Maybe @colin can submit this as a bug for the developers future attention.

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I’m glad you brought it up before I launched my tablet out the window.

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I see it also, both at 100% and scaled up. I thought the computer wasmad at me.:relieved:

I will show the problem to the developers. My guess is that a click near the bounding box is allowed because you might be trying to select geometry near the outside of the box. The defect is that the distance outside of the box increases when you scale up the object. Whatever distance that is at 1x, it becomes 10 times further at 10x.

But, and Dave can correct me on this if I am wrong, with the Dave method you would want to go into the object, scale it up 10x (for example), come outside the object, and scale it to .1x. Then you have your small object that really is bigger on the inside. Bit like the Tardis.

Your steps are scaling the outer object, which then is smaller on the inside. It’s the opposite of the Dave method.

If I am right, and you do 10x on the inside an .1x on the outside, the distance at which you can single-click to close the object reduces to 1/10th of the 1x version.

When they take care of the scaled up distance problem it will make it harder to close Dave method objects.

With the “Dave Method” there is no scaling done within the Component. The Copy of the Component is scaled up before operations such as Follow Me are run. There is also no Scaling down with the"Dave Method" which is part of the point of using it.

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The problem is in previous versions of SketchUp, a single click outside the bounding box of a scaled up component which is open for editing, closes the component for editing. In SketchUp 2022, when the outside of a component is scaled up, a double click is required to close it for editing, although with some smaller scaling values it may close with a single click if the selection is close to the outside of the bounding box. Dave has mentioned seeing some cases where non scaled components may also require a double click to close editing.

I’m not sure why 2021 doesn’t show the issue and 2022 does. I will point that out to the developers, it may help them remember what change was done recently.