Welcome screen instead of open file

Hi all!
I recently uninstalled sketchup 2023 to keep working with 2022 version until all bugs are fixed in the newer version. Now, every time I try to double click on a sketchup file to open it, sketchup welcome screen appears instead; and I need to open the file using the internal “open file” from that screen. It’s not fatal, but it’s still a little bit annoying. Is there any way of going back to normal behaviour?

Go to Window/Preferences/General and untick Show Welcome window.

Thanks for your fast answer!
I tried your solution and now what I’m getting, instead of opening the file I’m clicking, is a blank sketchup file.

Find the install.exe (or download a fresh copy) for the version you want to use. Select it, right click and choose Run as Admin, follow the prompts and choose Repair when given the option.

I did this and it didn’t work at first. What I did then was right click on the file-open with…-choose sketchup 2022 exe from program files folder and now it works.
Thanks for your help!

I am experiencing exactly the same problem.
I have updated to 2023 from 2022 but then uninstalled the 2023 and continued with 2022. But since that “update” everytime I click on any of my SKP files, they won’t directly open. Instead the Welcome Screen comes and I have to manually navigate to the location of the file through the “Open File” button.

Tried using the repair feature from within the installer, disabling the welcome screen, nothing helps. If I disable the welcome screen and then click on any SKP file, it opens a blank SKP file instead.
@d.suarezEP’s suggestion to do a right-click also doesn’t help me.

Would be grateful for further assistance.

I seem to have fixed it but in a different way. Had to restart the PC, and then simply click the change button here:

and in the next menu not do anything, just simply re-click on “SketchUp Application” and click “set default”:

That seems to have solved the problem.

Thanks. It didn’t fix my problem but it helped me figure it out. I have 2017 also and when I removed 2023 it reverted back to 2017 and wouldn’t let me pick 2022. After I uninstalled 2017 I was able to set it back to 2022. Now it’s working as it should. Tho I hated getting rid of 2017 because now I’ll have to update a lot of files and then if I ever decide to go back to the free program I’ll have to use that extension to unupdate them again.

You have to open registry editor and delete the .skp folder in “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT”, after you do this, when you will double click on your file it will ask you what program to use, chose Sketchup and “Allways” and that is it