SketchUp 22: Welcome Screen "Open File" button default

On the welcome screen, below the row of templates, is a button labeled “Open file…”

I would like to use this to open a file I may not have worked in in awhile that doesn’t show up in the recent list below. However, the button directs me to my computer’s documents folder, in which I keep nothing, especially not SketchUp files.

Is there a way to change how that button works, or must I devise a work around using File Explorer? What I like about the button is that without extra effort on my part, it shows only .skp files.

Once inside the SketchUp, I have set preferences to open the group of folders that contain all my models when I often have two files open at once, and it’s just easier to use the welcome screen to open the second one.


Setting Software and File Preferences | SketchUp Help

Thanks for your swift response, dezmo. However,I think you misunderstand my wishes.
I do have the file preferences set using the instructions in the link you provided. And from inside SketchUp, opening a file or importing or any of that other stuff works as expected. But the “Open file…” button on the welcome screen is NOT changed by setting preferences while SketchUp is running, either with a model or waiting to begin one.

Here is a shot of my preferences screen:
Preferences settings

Here is what I see when I open a new instance of SketchUp:

I click the “Open file…” button and I get this:

It doesn’t show on this screen, but I keep all my models in subfolders of the D:/ drive labeled Models. Sure, I can navigate to that drive using several mouse clicks, but it sure would be nice if I could tell that button on the welcome screen to open the Models subfolder using just the one click. This is a workflow issue for me, as I often am working on one model and need to quickly reference another. I open a new instance of SketchUp, which produces that welcome screen. If the “Open file…” button worked as I’d like it to, I could then select the file I want rapidly, without having to navigate through File Explorer.

And again, if this isn’t something I can adjust myself, then please put me out of my misery and I’ll devise another method.

Thanks again.

In file explorer go to the library folder and open it. Select the documents library> right-click on it>select properties. Select the location shown in the box, and select remove. Next select add. Direct it to the file location you desire.

Thanks for the hack.

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